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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Family reunion in West Virginia

The Huffman clan made a trip to West Hamlin, West Virginia for a family reunion Thursday morning. We met at the Virginia rest area where Xander had fun peeping through a poster.
 This was Joshua's first major trip.
 Ashton took this picture of us in Justin's truck and her dad, Rodney, in the white truck.

 Finally arrived and heading down the narrow road to Ma and Pa Huffman's.
Josh was tuckered out!
 Just hanging out.
 Naturally, Xander found a ball.
 Little Ricky took Lisa for a ride.

West and Ashton help Xander ride.

A railroad track is directly behind the house and the train woke us up every night.

I rocked Joshua and took a nap too!
 Many games of Phase 10 was played.
And of course, always a bonfire!
Cooking chicken and ribs for the reunion.

Because of the rain earlier in the morning and the unlevel yard at the Huffman's, we held the reunion at brother Ricky's home. One of the aunt's cooked a turkey and when I was pulling the meat off I found the bag with the giblets inside the turkey!!

 The three brothers and nephew enjoyed the food.
 Brother Ricky kept everyone laughing. Here he is doing something to sister Cathy.
 Cornhole and horseshoes.
 Uncle Leonard and sister Jessie.
 Sister Rita.
 Abby and JD.
 Justin and Possum.

 Janet and Rodney.
 West and Xander.

 Brothers Ricky and Rodney gang up on Justin.

It took several tries to get a good picture of the brothers and sisters.

 The aunts and uncle.

Ricky and Justin prove you're never too old to swing!

 Little Ricky and Uncle Leonard take a  break.
 Abby and Xander.

 The weather cleared even though there was some dark clouds but they passed over.

Sister Lisa and I watched all of the fun.
We all had a great time but were glad to go home. What a great sight to see! Home is not far away!



Debi Y. said...

Great pictures - looks like you guys had an awesome time together. :)

Kate said...

Great pictures, Charlotte! I like to play Phase 10, too. Glad to see everyone had a good time.

crochethuahua said...

Love the pictures. Your yard looks so nice.