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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday news

Justin took me out to eat for my birthday last night at our favorite steak house, Texas Roadhouse. Yes, I rode the saddle! For those who have never been to a Texas Roadhouse restaurant, the staff brings a saddle to your table. The birthday girl/boy sits on the saddle while the entire restaurant gives you a "Yee Haw"! Great fun! I had a great margarita and a delicious prime rib!
 Love their hot rolls and sweet butter!
After we had come home and we had settled down to watch TV, my grand daughter, Kayla, called me. She was freaking out because "something" was in her glove box. See the "thing" in the circle? Justin gingerly opened the glove box  to find..........
..............a dried piece of some kind of candy!
We all got a good laugh and was relieved it wasn't alive!
No body wanted to go to Hobby Lobby with me this morning, so I went alone. I stopped at a couple of yard sales, Goodwill, and local thrift store on the way.
I found the salt shaker  for $1 and the lady head vase and plastic measuring cup at a yard sale for 50 cents each.
 The local thrift store had this cute picture for $1 and glasses 50 cents each.

 Stuffed fox for 50 cents at yard sale.
 Cookbook $1 at yard sale. (watching Cedar Cove right now)

Nothing at Goodwill or next store. On to Hobby Lobby where I went up and down every aisle. I think I spent almost two hours in there! Summer sale 66% off!

 Love these colored bottles for 50% off .Original $2.99. I saw some similar ones in a shop for $15 each!
 Toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, octopus, and mermaid 50% off.

 They make toothbrushes too fat! Only one would fit!
Janet brought this beautiful bench to me the other day. A co-worker was cleaning out her mother's house.
Sloan is spending the night with his friend, Ben. They are going to the beach next week!
Justin, Rodney, and Gavin have taken the pontoon for an overnight fishing trip. So it's just me, the TV, and another margarita!
Look who came by earlier this afternoon....

 Growing up!
Hoping for some rain, enjoying the peace and quiet! Have a great weekend!



Debi Y. said...

Nice Birthday celebration. Lots of nice stuff from the yard sales and Goodwill - I especially like that lady head vase. Your grandson is growing fast - he's adorable. :)

Faith said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte :)

Kate said...

Happy birthday, Charlotte! Looks like you had a great evening. Terrific finds at the stores; I love those colorful bottles. My goodness, he's getting so big; they grow up too fast!