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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

School days are getting close

It's only Wednesday and I am tired! Been busy this week painting kitchen cabinets and getting boys ready for school. Monday, Justin started painting half of my kitchen cabinets. Here's the before.....

 Don't judge these packed cabinets! I painted the frames while Justin painted the doors.

 I found the knobs at a yard sale and painted them a "hammered black" color. The drawer handles are the old gold handles also painted. Loving it!
We haven't gotten to the others yet, but I'm in no rush.
Tuesday was Senior Picture Day for Gavin and Kayla. Gavin's getting his "tux"....

Kayla waiting to pay her sitting fee. Isn't that a cute "baby bump"?
 Waiting for more picture taking..... Gavin (grey-striped shirt) is so embarassed to be here with Grandma!

Go away, Grandma!!

Justin's putting a pool in nearby so I took a few pictures when I took him some water and ice. That's Sloan (blue shirt) helping him.
 Doing what he does best, supervising!

 Today was Orientation day for seniors and juniors. After paying the senior fee for Gavin, I went back to the car and waited . Didn't want to embarrass him anymore! After that was over, I took him to the local sportsman joint to have his crossbow fixed.
This weekend is "tax-free" so it's off to the mall for shoes, bookbags, clothes, etc. I thought my school days were over when my son graduated in 2000! School starts in two weeks. Sloan gets his braces the day before school starts.
I'm ready for a nap!



Kate said...

Busy, busy! The kid's pictures will look great. Congrats on the pretty new kitchen colors. Have fun shopping :-)

Pammy Sue said...

Your kitchen is looking great! I really like the new color and the new knobs too. Lucky you! You'll feel like you have a brand-new kitchen.