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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Silver Anniversary

Fifty years ago today, my parents moved our family from Charlotte, NC to a small town in South Carolina called York.

 I was 12 years old and thought we were moving from to a place where the people would be country bumpkins. Yes the town was smaller than I was used to but was I surprised to find that the kids were farther advanced in school than I was! I was starting the seventh grade and knew no one! Because of where our home was ( four miles from town), we had to ride the school bus with the kids from the neighboring town called Sharon. Ironic that the elementary school I just left was called Sharon Elementary! It was located near what is now the Southpark Mall, but years ago it was also where my mother went to high school!
Riding the school bus with kids you didn't know was hard. The boys from Sharon thought it was funny to make fun of me and call me Charlotta. To this day, I cannot stand for anyone to call me that! The kids on the bus were also a "little rougher" than I was used to. It wasn't long before I had learned curse words that I had never heard before! There was a fight on the bus at least twice a week.
Because I had to ride the "Sharon" bus, the kids from York thought I had gone to school through sixth grade in Sharon. They never acknowledged that I was a "new" kid! The classwork was hard because I had not been taught the "new math" at my old school. I almost failed seventh grade! Who knew that "a+b=c"?
But I made it through school, made some new friends, and graduated in 1971.

Happy 50th Anniversary! Welcome home!


Kate said...

Happy Anniversary, Charlotte! What a neat idea to celebrate moving to your home. We moved a lot when I was growing up so I know all about being the new kid. Love your graduation pics :-)

Sharon GARDNER said...

And now Sharon reads your blog! :) Congratulations on the anniversary.--Sharon

Gramma Rita said...

I really like this post, Charlotte. I rode the same bus my entire life, but it sucked. Most of the kids were so mean. We lived so far from town that most people didn't even know where Rochester Mills was! (I went to school at Punxsy {aka Punxsutawney, home of Punxsutawney Phil}. For many years, nobody would let me sit with them, and I had to stand on the bus ride home. You can imagine that was horrible to a young child. :( But like you, I survived all the crap, and I am a better person because of it, most likely. Oh, and when I was really young..Kindergarten through second grades or so...some of the older boys on the bus called me Rita Retard, just because they thought it sounded similar, I guess. So I know all about not liking certain names.