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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thriftin' on Tuesday

No news for Saturday but Sunday, Pam, Janet, and I went to the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte. This has been an annual event since 1993 for me and my girls.
Today, I went to the local thrift store and found a few goodies.I found this Hush Puppy stuffed animal for Vivien's dog collection (50 cents). She'll probably take the visor and tennis racket off.
 I also found this Disney mug with the Lady and the Tramp dogs on it for $1.
 The rest are mine! This home collectible was $1.25.
 The Winnie the Pooh mug $1, Waffle House and polka dot mug were 50 cents each.
 I've seen these beaded ornaments in craft catalogs and have always wanted one. 50 cents!
 Two nutcrackers $1 each. The one on the right is terra cotta.
 Rudolph and his girlfriend 50 cents each.
I need to get my Christmas decorations out, but I just haven't been in the decorating mood! Maybe this weekend!

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Gramma Rita said...

Ohhhh...love Rudolph and his girlfriend!! Love the Pooh mug, too! :)