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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Saturday finds

We went yard saling backwards yesterday! I know that sounds crazy but that's how it felt because Janet, Micki, and I took our route opposite of the way we normally go. We found a few sales including a church sale. The church is on our way back home on our normal route and we usually miss a lot of good finds. So, we went there first which made the rest of the day backwards!
 A suitcase for one of the boys $3....
 Bag of balls for the blow-up house for grandkids $2.....
 Revolving tree stand $10. I tried it but couldn't get music to play which is OK.
 Foam playmats $2. Might use these for blocking crochet projects.
 Tupperware tumblers and pizza container $1 each....
 Baby swing $5......
 Needlepoint $1.
 Fossil brand golf cart $2. It's metal not plastic!
Best find of the day $3! Wrought iron,rusty and heavy! You should have seen us trying to get this in the car so we could shut the rear door!
 Painted and on my porch.
Have a safe and fun Memorial Day! School will be over this week and Gavin and Kayla will be graduating Friday! WooHoo!



LV said...

Maybe reversing your route was the right decision. You definitely did very well on the finds.

Gramma Rita said...

Awesome finds, Charlotte! Love the wrought iron piece! :)