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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday News

Busy Saturday! Janet, Micki, Timmy (Micki's husband), Gavin, and Sloan went yard saling with me this morning. Although Gavin and Sloan slept most of the time! We found some good deals today.
I bought these two toys for Della and Maxel. They came by to visit soon after we got home.
 Della's spins with lights. She loved it.
 Maxel's lights up and the balls fly around. He didn't want anything to do with it until they got ready to leave.
 Before they left, we went down the road to a neighbor's yard sale and Justin bought Craig a riding lawn mower. Craig promised to help restore Justin's '46 Chevy truck to pay him back. I didn't get a picture of the mower but Justin bought a wood chipper from the same yard sale.

I already have one of these little chairs but this one was a good deal for $2.
 $3 for the bear...

Another angel for 50 cents and a bird. These birds sing and sell for $20 at Walmart! Della took the bird home with her.
 Starbucks mug 25 cents....
 Wacky clock for $2....
Four chair cushions $2. They all need a little mending on one of the ties.

Another shower curtain $1...

Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Woodstock 75 cents.....

Vintage dresser scarfs and handkerchiefs $3.....
 Beautiful embroidery!

 I tried to get a good picture of the beautiful tatting...

 Crocheted edging....

I bought this futon with Sloan in mind but he didn't want it, so Gavin took it. He's going to use it in his "recording studio".

Beautiful crewel work $5.....

I stopped by the thrift store Thursday and found these deals....

 50 cents for this vintage game!
 I'm thinking of decoupaging to save the brittle paper.
Justin brought home another wooden playset....
 A new home being built across from Janet's driveway.
 Justin has been painting the porch rails.
My beautiful granddaughter, Kayla is going to the prom tonight.
 The tattoo on her back is Declan's birthdate in Roman numerals.

 Kayla and her mom, Janet.
Speaking of Declan, I kept this sweet little boy for a couple of days so Kayla could work.
 Justin wrapped a towel around his head!
 This is how quiet he gets when the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on!

 I took Sloan and Gavin to get their haircut yesterday and this is what entertained Sloan!
How was your Saturday?


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Gramma Rita said...

Wow, Charlotte, you got all kinds of awesome things at the sales! Your granddaughter is beautiful, and I love the lacy dress she is wearing. It's nice to see a pretty girl wearing a dress that covers something! lol