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Monday, June 6, 2016

On the pontoon....

I finally got to take a ride on the pontoon after a year of begging! Janet and her crew went with us. I guess I'm getting old because I just wanted to cruise the lake, but Xander and Josh had a "bug" in their pants and couldn't be still! We had a good time otherwise.

 Josh did not like the life jacket!

 The motley crew!

 "Papa Smurf" was our captain!

 As long as he's snacking, he's happy!

We stopped at a shallow cove and the boys went swimming. I don't swim in water unless it has a cement bottom (only the ocean)!

 Rodney can't even get in the water without his "bottle"!

 We passed Justin's latest pool project.....

 Couldn't decide if this was a hawk or crane nest....
 As we headed back to the landing, a dark cloud was greeting us. We made it out in time.
 Josh and his goofy grandpa.

 Finally, dry land!
It started raining on us as we headed home. Fun Sunday!


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Gramma Rita said...

Looks like everybody had a fun time! Great pics...thanks for sharing! :)