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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Saturday finds

I woke up late Saturday (7:30!) and wasn't in no hurry to do anything. Justin was in the kitchen with breakfast from McDonald's. He had tried to go hunting but the wind was blowing too hard. After lounging around drinking coffee and checking Facebook and Instagram, I decided to ride to Walmart and check a few yard sales on the way. The first one was just a couple of miles from my house and was a good one. I wanted this "tassel lady" but she was included in a set for $6. I was able to get the set for $4!
I also got a coloring book and beanie for $2...
The beanie was for Sloan and the coloring book was for our niece's daughter, Abby, who visited later in the day.
At the next yard sale, I fell in love with this ceiling fan and light fixture. They were marked $25 or best offer. I got both for $20! 

I want the fan in my bedroom and the light fixture in front of my china cabinet. After a good cleaning, the 'crystals' really shined!
That's all I got yesterday except for some more yarn to complete this shawl...
This is slow going because even though the yarn is classified as worsted weight, it is so thin and lacy! Red Heart Unforgettable, pattern here.


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