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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Saturday News

Saturday was a "just me and my hubby" day. Our anniversary is Tuesday so we just spent the day together junkin', dinner, and new baby. We stopped at one yard sale but didn't find anything. After breakfast at MickeyD's, we headed to Monroe, NC where we had spied a few shops when we bought the new car. The first stop was a flea market. What a disappointment! No offense but I thought we had traveled to Mexico!!
Next we found several shops that intrigued me but was boring to Justin. Now he knows how I feel when he goes to a sports or gun store! I found another trinket box for my collection.
 It had a tiny gold elephant inside......

Look at the crochet afghans I found in one store.........

I want this chandelier!!
There were two lamps just like the one I bought at Walmart...........
Look at what they had them priced!! I paid $19 for mine!
We stopped by Craig and Holly's to see Amelia. I didn't take any pictures (shock!) but here is Grandpa with her in the hospital.....
Love this man! 
Here's what I'm working on. I started this when we went on vacation and have put it aside to do other things. After this row of purple, there is a row of triangles and edging. I think I like it!


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