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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday news

Micki and I headed to Rock Hill for a day of Christmas shopping. We had no intentions of yard saling but that didn't stop us from stopping at a couple! We hadn't even got out of York before we stopped at the first one. I could not pass up this "truck" for the grandkids!
 Declan was the first to try it out and he loved it!

The next yard sale was at one of the high schools on the way. Would you believe this is a candle? $2!
 And so is this one! Also $2!

 A bathing beauty for my bathroom...50 cents!
 Two mugs from Mast General Store in Valle Crusis, NC which is near Boone. 50 cents each! Justin and I have visited this store on our 25th anniversary. Here's a link to that post.
I also got these grapes for 25 cents....
We stopped at K-Mart, found a couple toys, and then found the 80% off on Halloween aisle! There was a man and woman with their kids filling up their buggy with costumes, masks, decorations, etc. We got behind them at the check-out and they only paid $33 for a buggy full of fun! Those little boys are going to have so much fun with the costumes. Micki tried on a mask......
See that $2 sign? That's how much the costumes were! I got a few things for 50 cents each! I'm going to use these buckets instead of stockings! Maxel is the Minion, Della is Wonder Woman, and Josh, Declan, and Xander are Spiderman.
 This giant spider web and a pack of fuzzy spiders....
 A bat skeleton and a piranha skeleton!
We found good deals at Target too but I can't post those pictures because they are Christmas gifts for the kids. After everything rang up, it knocked $27 off! WooHoo!
Michael's had a good sale too. 70% off select Christmas decorations and floral picks!

 Got a free Santa too!!
We went to the mall and got a couple of gifts, then to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. More decorations.... My pink tree is my "bling" tree!

 My green tree is my "rustic" tree....

 My white tree is my "teal and lime green tree with a little fuchsia" tree... Love this mermaid...
 ..and seahorse I found at Walmart! $1.94 is not a bad price!
 Here's some of the 'poufs' and peacock feathers I got at Michaels...
 And some "squiggly" things...
See the mice from Cinderella? I've had these for years! I think they were a Happy Meal prize from McDonald's! I ordered the grandkids ornament last year.
 Here's the Scotty dog in plaid from Michael's and the owl from Walmart...
 There's the second Scotty dog. My tree skirt looks good, doesn't it?
I made a few ornaments while trying to figure out what I wanted to crochet next. These Santa's take no time to make. The beard is a pompom.
How about a miniature globe?
I have got to share these pictures of Amelia and Maxel that Ashton took at Declan's birthday party.

Amelia's hair is curly, just like Micki's. I know, I'm biased, but I have the most beautiful grandkids!

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Gramma Rita said...

Love your birdie candles! Your grandkids are such cuties!! Like mine, they are growing way too fast! lol