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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Food Network & Others

I love to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives so when I found both books, I had to have them. I also love Sandra Lee; she is just a normal person like us. Paula Deen is another story. When I first started watching her shows, I loved her but the people in the south do not say "y'all" every other word! It's almost as irritaing as "You Know".
The Duggars. I love their show and appreciate their values, but God did not make women to breed like rabbits! Come on, Michelle,love yourself and quit destroying your body. Tell that horny husband to back off! I hope that both of you woke up and used some common sense after this last baby almost killed you.

White Trash cooking! Don't have to say anything else.

Mayberry, the town where we all want to live! Great recipes. Notice the 50 cents marked on the cover? That's what I paid for it at a yard sale.

If you grew up during the 60's to late 70's in North or South Carolina, you watched the Betty Feezor show on WBTV everyday! She was the "Martha Stewart" from Charlotte, NC and my mother & I loved to watch her. She died of cancer and we grieved as if we had lost a sister. The blackened edges on the book are from when my home burned in 1986. I lost a lot of material things, but my children and I were safe.

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