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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yard sales !! Woo Hoo!!

Ah,the first day of spring! The hyacinths are blooming....................
The daffodils are blooming...............................
The Japanese plum trees are blooming...........................smell so good!
The yellow bells are blooming....................................

The pool has been opened & ready to go................................

The yard sale season has started!!!! WOO HOO!!! Finally!!! Micki and I left the house this morning at 6:45 expecting to not find anything. Look what we found!!! It was 11:45 before we got back home!! Two neighborhood yard sales!! Good junk and even better prices!! This is what the back of my car looked like when I stopped at Micki's house. That's a queen size headboard ($5) on top of two tables. It's Micki's, not mine.

This view is from the inside of the car looking towards the back. That's the headboard I was talking about.

Just look at all of this good stuff!! Table ($3), apples & stand ($2), zebra pocketbook lamp (50 cents), "Cow Parade" salt & pepper set ($2), two dog figurines ($1 apiece), funky lamp ($1), square plate (50 cents), three Bakeware mugs ($1), figurine ($1) silver plated pitcher ($1), Turquoise flower vase ($1), teabag holder (50 cents), "egg"cup (50 cents), blue bowl with lid (50 cents) and a cast iron 'boot' doorstop ($1)!

Closer view of the cows, plate, mugs,vase, pitcher, bowl, egg cup, teabag holder & figurine.

Apples, zebra lamp, cows, doorstop, bowl, pitcher, egg cup & vase.

Apples, dogs & lamp.

The Little Red Caboose (1977 - 10 cents), McCall's Make it Book (1953 - 20 cents), Betty Crocker cookbook for Boys & Girls (1972 - 20 cents), "peacock" picture (real feathers - 50 cents), Baby Shrek, Gingerbread man, Mrs. Potts, Bambi, Cinderella, Bernstein Bear baby and small ceramic bird ($1 for all).
Closer view.

At one yard sale a woman had about ten large bags of fabric. If I had been a quilter, I would have been in heaven! I only wanted a piece of black fabric to use for a backdrop for my pictures. Found it for 10 cents. As I walked by a bag, I noticed two pieces of pre-quilted fabric that only would require a binding around the edge. I picked them up for my mother. I started looking through the bags then. The lady brought a grocery bag and told me to fill it for $2. I didn't fill it, I stuffed it!!

Look at all of this!! The red piece and purple flowered piece in front are the pre-quilted pieces that started this. Two bags of crib size batting... the pink has poodles, shoes, checks... the bundle in back (green & yellow) had 4 yards of the yellow that had palm trees, giraffes and monkeys!! Perfect for a baby quilt. The neon colors on the right (Mother sort of snurled her nose at these) but I like them! And look at the black piece with the ladies and 15 cents pattern print!! Love it!!

A Tupperware oval microwave bowl ($1). Never used!! It has two separate racks to allow two different types of food to be steamed at the same time. Has anyone ever seen one of these?

Punch Bowl ($2) !!!

Bride and Groom hat (50 cents apiece). Normally I wouldn't have even looked at these, but I bought them for my son and his fiance, Holly. 21 more days!!
HP PSC 1510 All-in-One printer, scanner & copier ($5). Even had the plug and software which normally people fail to include.

And last but not least, I had to bring something back for Justin! Two halloween pumpkins for the yard (50 cents apiece).

Therapy session is now over! I feel so much better! Can't wait for next week!!



Purvail said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl...look at all the treasure you found.. It will be another six to eight weeks before we see any yard sales in Michigan around my place. Going to Florida this Wed...hope to find a few down there. You had a great pink Saturday.

Cathy said...

Hi Charlotte,

Happy Pink Saturday and thank you so much for your kind words on my recent Cottage Style magazine feature. I am thrilled to be sharing it with all of my blogging friends.

Have a wonderful weekend.

xo Cathy

Jenny S said...

Oh my word I am jealous! I want those mugs, and that printer, scanner is just what I am looking for! You lucky duck you! My mom went out this morning as I am still under the weather and did not find anything!

Mary said...

Wow, Charlotte, you really hit the jackpot! I especially like the little bird figurine, the square plate, the boot doorstop, the doggy figurines and the fabric.
I love thrifting, too...and crocheting :)
Welcome to PS!

CC said...

Oooooo,I love,love it all,specially the fabric. I would have to stand up in a therapy session and admit to being a fabricholic. If it's fabric,it's like it just needs to come home with me. You found some great treasures..

Maria@ChicaBellaCrafts said...

I love yard sales too, I wish I had more time to go out yard sale hopping. I love a great bargain specially if I find craft supplies, I go crazy!!!oh yeah. I love your blog by the way, you are very creative. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by.

Diann said...

OMG Charlotte! You SCORED big time!! that bag of fabric.....what an awesome bargain! The printer was a great find for that price!

I also love the vintage square mugs you got! We had those growing up!

Now you really having me going crazy waiting for the weather to be nice here and the yard sales to start up!!

Sandy said...

Wow!!!! You did really really well! I have to get out on these weekends and go hunting! My sons just bought a new home and we have been over there getting things taken care every weekend...they close this Wednesday so next weekend I am free! Thanks for coming by! Sandy

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Great finds! - don't forget to join Southern Hospitality for their Thrifty Treasures Monday where everyone shares their garage sale finds of the weekend - http://southernhospitalityblog.com/ - Welcome to Pink Saturday also. I'm running late visiting blogs this week.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

It's nice to meet you! I must follow you because yard sales and crochet are two of my favorite things! Have a nice week! Twyla

Alma said...

OMG, look at all those things!! I looove that victorian shoe, I just saw one for $25 at a flea market antiques stand! Oh, and my mother collects Cow Parade stuff, so she would love the S&P shakers. And the fabric...wow! The apples are really cute, too. I'll be following your blog--I'm very much into flea market, antique shop, and yard sale hopping, as well! ;)

Holly said...

Wow i didn't realize how much stuff you really did find! i want to wear my hat so bad! but craig is being a baby about it ;) gotta hate boys! they spoil all our fun! i dont have to have his approval to wear mine tho! i'll see ya sunday! happy early easter!!! oh and craig said the easter bunny does know i'm here now! he said that he is coming to see me and Daisy!!!