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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slim pickings

Saturday yard sales were pitiful yesterday! While there were plenty of yard sales to be found, the pickings were not that good. Micki and I started out yesterday morning and met Craig and Holly at a "ghost" yard sale. There was a sign out for a yard sale Friday afternoon when I was coming back from a doctor appointment. But Saturday the sign was gone along with the "yard sale"! Next yard sale wasn't even set up yet! Finally we found a yard/barbecue sale at a church. Only thing wrong with this one is they were having it outside and had left everything uncovered the night before and a small shower came through Friday night! I managed to find a set of hat boxes for $1...

Found these hot pink Christmas ornaments at another yard sale for 75cents.
Sorry for the blurry picture! This was the best picture after about 25 tries! A Snowbaby picture frame for $1...
This is a cookbook for men dated 1958. It's about 3x4". Got it for a quarter.

This is the back cover. Check out the other books this author has written... "The Big Spread, Wick & Lick, A Tomato Well Dressed, Tooth Sweet". Crazy!
I also found a "Peyton Place" book dated 1956. I remember my mother and aunts talking about the TV show years back in the 60's, so I thought I would read the book to see what they thought was risque back then.

Snowman stacking boxes for 10 cents...
A Christmas carousel for 25 cents. The music works but the carosel does not. :(
Fred Flintsone - free!!! It was actually a keychain but I pulled that out so I could place in my knickknack shelf.
Three coffee cups for 25 cents each. I got the Hardees one for my sister, because I already have two. The Summerfest -York, SC because this is an annual event in my hometown every year. The RoadKill Cafe, just because.
Here's the specials on the back. Yum!
The best deal was not mine but actually Micki's. The man at the yard sale said they had started at $75 for this eliptical machine, but would take $40. Micki told him she didn't have $40. He asked her how much she had and she told him $20. He asked could we get it in my car. I told him for $20 I could fit anything in my car! He couldn't get this thing in our car fast enough! He was glad to get rid of it and we were glad to get it! WooHoo! Score!

Hope you had a better yard sale Saturday!
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Elaine said...

You did find some goodies..I don't always find a bargin. Some times I come up empty handed...unless I buy a cookie or lemonade from those junior sales men.
Hope uou have better luck next time.

Debbie said...

Well it may be slim pickings but you did pretty good!!~ Too hot for me to be out there. I love that cookbook...cute little snowman too. Thanks for joining in on the party. Did you see I have an audition tape up for the new Oprah show.....I would love for you to check it out...and if you like it...VOTE for me:)

rose said...

it sounds like you still do ok on your search. better than most.

Sailing Simply said...

That was a good deal on the elliptical machine! I love those things, when I do feel like working out. LOL! You, did find a few more goodies too, so it wasn't a total loss! Some days are just like that!

DogsMom said...

Ladies after my own heart. I love church sales. Managed to get to one this weekend on their 3rd day and not everything was even unpacked yet to display. Tomorrow is bag sale day. Do I call in sick to all my other obligations?
The cookbook is a treaure and Road Kill is a hoot.


Michelle said...

You did get some great deals. The eliptical was a really awesome deal!! Thank for stopping by my blog. I am new to this too. I was reading through your past post and I loved the "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD's. I lost weight while my hubby was diployed at sea.

CC said...

Hi dear Charlotte,
I've been kinda missing in action with this blasted fractured pelvis..and I miss visiting and commenting so much. I sure would like to live near you to scamper about to yard and church sales,cause I love going. You always find great things..I love those hat boxes,I could wrap some of my lace and store in them..and I love the little snowman. Hugs and see you again soon..give your sweet mom a hug for me.. CC

miss corner cape said...

love that snowman stack-i decorate with snowmen all winter and for the holidays. i second the great score for that exercise machine! awesome!

if anybody around here started out at 7am for yard sales, there would be nothing out! people always say "no early birds". it's more like 9am here, maybe 8, but never earlier!

sissie said...

Hi Charlotte,
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment.
You did very well at your yardsales.
Isn't it fun?


Allison said...

You sure got a good deal even with the yard sales not being super good!

Also, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my little bird shelf redo! :)

Anonymous said...

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