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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Slim Pickin's

Another Saturday spent going to yard sales. It is entirely too hot, but some of us crazy people continue to do it! I'm participating in Debbie Doos Garage Sale Partay! Come join the fun and see what we have found.
This week was a yard sale 'hunting' adventure more than a 'buying' adventure. I guess the heat is keeping people indoors or they are all at the beach spending the money they made with their spring yard sales! Micki and I had to take the boys with us this weekend because the hubby's were working. They were not the little angels that they were last weekend when it was just me and them. We were constantly telling them to behave. All you could hear from Sloan was, "He's looking at me"! Good Grief! Finally, we found a bag of action figures and they both played with them and the ride home was a little more peaceful.
Most of my purchases were $1 apiece such as these 4 tops...
I found this bundt pan for $1. I had been thinking about the cast iron bundt cake pan that my Mother had and knew she would not let go of it just yet. This one is cast aluminum and in good shape. It even had the paper instructions and recipes that originally came with it.
A church youth group was having a yard sale to raise money for a beach trip. This Rachel Ray book was 50 cents and the gift 'hat' box was a $1, but I gave them $5 to go toward their trip.

50 cents for this book. It has some great quilt patterns along with a few crochet patterns.
These are various craft items that were 10 cents to 50 cents a bag. They included 'googly eyes', pompoms,glue, wooden heads, pins and some vintage Xmas & Easter decorations. I bought these mainly so the boys could have something to do when they got 'bored'.
13 handkerchiefs ........FREE!!!!
A large vase for $1. It has a chip on the lip, but who cares?
A micro-fiber blanket for $1. This is sooo soft!
Remember the 'drum' table I found a couple of weekends ago for $1? I wanted to paint it but Justin told me he would get a clear sealer for it. Here is the before...

And the after.........

I still want to paint, but I'll wait a little bit before I do. Give him time to think he really did something :)
We will be at Carolina Beach next weekend, so unless I can get Justin to stop on the way, the yard sales will have to wait for a couple of weekends :(

Found a new linky party Flea Market Friday.



Debbie said...

Hi Charlotte.....I love the hankerchiefs, they are so pretty, and for FREE! Great table too, and vase for a buck..yes who cares about the chip so much detail on that piece you will never even notice. Thanks for joining in. I know how hot it is here for us..you gals are real troopers for venturing out...NOT me I have been thrifting inddoors. Debbie

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

You got all those beautiful old hankies for free??!!! Way to go! I love the old hankies. If I find some that are not in good condition I use them as pockets on my vintage pillowcase dresses. And great buy on the bundt pan too. I am still looking for a panini maker. Haven't found one yet. When I shop at the church or charity benefit yard sales I always give them more money than they are asking for because it for such a good cause. Come for a visit when you have a minute and hope your weekend is going great. ~ Lynn

Linda said...

Hi Charlotte~ great finds! I am lovin' the hankies!! Thanks for the hint about the fabric piece on my post! It's such a different piece!

Sailing Simply said...

Wow! That is quite a change on that drum table! He did do something! Looks great! You also did pretty good on your finds this week too! Great prices as usual! You always find the neatest stuff for dollars and cents! That vase is gorgeous! What a deal!

kecia said...

thanks for playing along! wow, i love all your goodies. especially that junky drum table - it sure looks great now, doesn't it? and what a score with the free hankies!

flea market fridays (FMF)

Donna said...

I love the drum table, it looks so good, id leave it just where it is.

La said...

You will love the Rachael Ray cookbook. I have several of her books and they have wonderful recipes in them.

Nice finds! La

Bounty Huntress said...

I have a hankering for yer hankies!! Love those! Have a nice trip to the beach and thank you for stopping by!