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Friday, August 6, 2010

A boat tour without Gilligan?

Wednesday, we took the boys back towards Wilmington to take a boat tour. Thank God, the movie star, professor and Mary Anne were not aboard and it was a 45 minute tour not 3 hours! We boarded at the USS North Carolina battleship.
Sloan and Gavin....
I'm not scowling.. this is a bad habit that anyone that has worn glasses for any length of time recognizes. It's the only way to keep the sun and wind out of your eyes!
We went under the bridge of the Cape Fear river. This was spooky because of the cars overhead.
 The Captain let the kids on the tour steer the boat. Gavin jumped at the chance..
Poor Sloan was seasick.........

He felt better after we got off and enjoyed some chicken from the Colonel. Yes, we ate at more places than just fast food, but two boys would rather have a hamburger than a big meal!
There's those damn yard sale signs again!!
Saturday here I come! We are leaving today and I will definitely hit the sales tomorrow after we get home! Thanks for enjoying my vacation photos.


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