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Monday, August 9, 2010

There's no place like home..

I felt like Dorothy when we got home Friday afternoon from the beach. I like to visit other places but there is no place like home! Micki and I went to yard sales Saturday and did pretty good considering how hot it was. I found these wrestling DVD's for the boys. They are 3-disc sets for $2 apiece.

I also got them these Hulk comic books and Ripley's Believe it or Not book for  50 cents apiece..

A Tickle Me Elmo for my 4 year old niece, Olivia for $1. I also got her a Dora the Explorer fleece blanket but forgot to take a picture before washing.
The ladies at this yard sale gave me this Barbie Corvette for FREE!!! It runs in reverse only, but someone will be able to fix it for Olivia. She was tickled pink with her new car.

A tiny tea cup and saucer and a Hall Autumn Leaf teapot for 50 cents each. Yes, I know the handle is broken but I don't care! I have never found one of these before and the way I place it on a shelf, you will never know the handle is broken!
A paint-by-number picture for 50 cents
Baby clothes hangers and a Raggedy Andy ..50 cents each
Hot pink Xmas balls for my white Christmas tree..$1 each box
More Xmas boxes ..$1 for all!
A bone china figure for 25 cents!
A crewel picture kit for 50 cents..
Years ago in the 70's, my mother had made a crewel picture of a "Lazy Leopard". She also did other pictures, but this one was given to me. I proudly hung it in my home until a fire destroyed it in 1986. The other day we were talking about this picture and my sister and I started searching the internet. I found it on E-Bay and won it for 99 cents!! WooHoo!

I had made a crewel picture also of a willow tree. It was also lost in the fire. I found it on E-bay also and won it for $9.99..

Mother is going to work them for me. I finally finished the crochet tablecloth!!

Now, I need to find a pattern to make an afghan for Ashton and Kayla. Hope you had a great weekend also!
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Linda @ A La Carte said...

I feel like that also...no place like home!! You had some good yard sale finds! I really like the teapot...hey for 50 cents it is awesome and it's Hall!!

Debbie said...

Those are some real oldie but goodies...I love tickle me Elmo...I remember when people where lined up at the doors for him...now 1.00 go figure. Thanks for joining in. Have a great week. Debbie

Debbie Sews Retro said...

Charlotte, you really got some goodies yourself. Your tablecloth is amazing. I crochet myself, so I know how much time went into that. My Mother crocheted me a tablecloth several years ago and I will treasure it forever---the only thing is ---I don't like to use it in case something happens to is.

Mary said...

Wow, you crocheted the tablecloth?! OMGosh! That would take me a month of Christmases to finish ;) It's gorgeous. I love your finds....the paint-by-number, the porcelain figurine, the crewel picture kits, and on....Great!