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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yard sale blues

This weekend was a poor yard sale weekend. I guess it is either too hot or everyone has sold all of their goodies in the spring. I did find a couple of handkerchiefs for 25 cents each.

I also got a few books to read but the best buy was this quilting hoop for $5. I don't quilt (yet) but my mother and sister do. So, I might have to try my hand at quilting. Who knows, I might be good at it!

I want to apologize to all of my blogging friends for not commenting or posting as regular as I should. I just have the "blooger's funk" and just can't get motivated. Maybe when it gets cooler and the days are shorter, my 'mojo' will return. Meanwhile, I am reading your posts, I'm just not commenting. I'm linking with Debbie's Garage Salen Partay. See ya there!



Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Hi Charlotte...thanks for visiting and following. I see we have garage sales in common. I think it is toooo hot right now, but soon, at least here they will start up good again. I see you live in SC. I LOVE the Carolina's. My best friend lives in Greer.

Debbie said...

I totally understand Charlotte. Glad to see you regardless, and thanks for joining in..you are so faithful, and I always enjoy what you score. Have a great weekend. Debbie

Mary said...

Hi Charlotte,
Sorry to hear your groove is temporarily missing. But, that's ok! Just enjoy browsing and reading and your groove will be back when it's back. It bet it is hot and muggy down South right now. Try to keep cool and take it easy. thanks for stopping by my blog. Hugz~

Sailing Simply said...

No problem! I understand completely. I feel stretched a little thin that I barely have time to read and comment on ALL the wonderful blogs I visit too. That looks like a large hoop! Good luck with the quilting!

Kathy said...

I love real napkins too, great find and hey you should visit Montana it is special..we live not far from Glacier Nat'l Park and that is as beautiful as MT gets! I am hoping to get to SC one of these days, my daughters in-laws live in Charlston which I heard is beautiful!