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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Cougars!

Yesterday was the first day of school for the kids in York County. It was a special time especially for the high school kids because this was the first day in the new high school. It is beautiful!

This is just the front of the building. There are several other adjoining buildings including an auditorium, which we haven't had since the late 70's!

Every school year everyone gets to "Meet the Cougars". This year it was held at the new football stadium. This also was just as beautiful as the buildings. They were even considerate enough to put handrails along the steps of the bleachers. Thanks from all of us 'old' folks!
The astroturf was donated by the Carolina Panthers.

Here is the band coming out on the field.

That's my lovely grandaughter, Ashton, between the tubas.
Here's a closeup.(not that great) She's in the middle.

She is a senior this year and I am so proud that one of my family will be a member of the first graduating class from the new school.
It tried to rain on us but held off except for a few drops. Look at the rainbow!

Hope everyone's kids have a great school year!


Debbie said...

Outstanding school! How exciting to go to such a beautiful new school. Our High School here is very large and OLD...but I hear good none the less so I guess that is all that counts. My son is in band too, he plays the trombone.

maria said...

A beautiful building.