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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday finds

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day! This has been a busy week at work for me. I normally leave work at 3:30pm, but this week I stayed until 4:30pm each day. My partner's mother was in the hospital and required surgery. Thank goodness, she is OK and at home resting. Janet and I went yard saling this morning but it seems like everyone has lost the 'yard sale fever'. The few and far between yard sales that we did find were pitiful. Some of them we didn't even stop because you could tell from the car there was really nothing to stop for. But for the few we did stop at, we got a few things.
I love glassware, especially 'funky' styles. Check out these triangle glasses and the 'margarita' candle.

How about this toy cow?

Some books and a crosstitch kit....

more books...

A few knick-kncks for my collection....

A miniature samurai sword. It's only 6" long! Have to hide this one from the boys! :)The lady that had this yard sale had a lot of stuff from Egypt that was beautiful.

A picture for the pool....

A picture just because I liked it....
A photo frame for 50 cents.... Would you believe my husband asked who the people in the pictures were???

I already have one of these TV trays and really love it. That's why when I found another for $2, I grabbed it up. I have seen these in magazines for $20.

I'm linking with Debbie's Garage Salen Partay. Hope everyone will join the fun!

P.S. Well, I thought I was going to link to Debbie's partay, but it looks like there isn't one this week :(


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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your finds Charlotte. I couldn't find Deb's party this week either. I like that TV tray, how does it work? Love that picture, looks like a watercolor.