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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tray tutorial??

I was asked how the TV tray that I bought at a yard sale worked, so I took some pictures to try to explain. The legs can be adjusted to the height required as well as the incline  of the tray.
This is the underside view of the tray.

This shows how the bar can be positioned to allow the tray to be used at different positions.
Lower position.....
Highest position....
Normal position... I absolutely love this tray because you can bring it up to you while sitting. I originally bought my first one (at a yard sale also) for my mother to use while recuperating from a stroke. But for some reason, she didn't want to use it. Why do older people not want to change?? So, I took it back home and used it after my emergency back surgery in '07.

Hope this explains the use of the tray.
I started reading one of the blogs I follow last night and found a huge amount of fellow bloggers that crochet. I am now following most of them and because there are so many, I cannot list them all. I look forward to reading their latest posts.
Hope everyone has a great week!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Thanks Charlotte! I know I asked how it works. I love how with those legs you can bring it closer to you then a traditional tray. I will keep my eye open for one at a yard sale now!

Mary said...

I have one of those trays!
My father original bought a set off TV when they first came out. If you bought two at 19.99 each you recieved one free with a el' cheapo bed caddy ( it would hold remotes). But the trays are fabulous. I believe my parents took one tray out of the box but never actually used it. They gave me the "FREE" one LOL I stll use it. It's strong enough to hold my portable Brother sewing machine.

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