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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Score in York!

After reading the newspaper and having a cup of coffee, I decided that I would go to only the yard sales in and around York. The first one I went to was in a church yard and there were about 12 different groups selling. The first table I came to was a big hit. I found  a pair of Vanity Fair pajamas for $2.50. These last forever and best of all, they were my size! WooHoo!

I also found these two Pyrex dishes for $1 apiece. Love the salmon color of the pie plate!
 Ten  handkerchiefs for $1...
The Merlin game was $1. Janet & Micki fought over who this would go to! I hope we can get it to work because the batteries had corroded in it. :(
I got this entire bag of books for $1 at another booth.
The 'hand' vase was 25cents at another booth. The cookbooks were a big score at the next yard sale I found. 50 cents apiece!
Found several more yard sales that had nothing to write about, but I did find this butterfly picture for $1. This one is mine!

Isn't this the cutest dish set? I got this for a $1 for my 4 year old niece, Olivia. Her middle name is Grace.

                                I found these Halloween costumes for Gavin & Sloan for $1 apiece.

 They are outside playing vampires and hide and seek with Justin.
Janet, Micki, my sister Tammy, granddaughter Ashton and I went to the Southern Women's Show last Sunday. We had a great time! Janet got to test drive a 2011 Camaro and then took a picture of it and sent to her hubby with a message that she had just won it! Nobody believed us! We sampled lots of food, wine and perfume. Not as many free samples to bring home as in the past but still a fun getaway!
Hope everyone had a great week! Talk to ya later!



Bronny said...

Looks like you had great fun at the sales.
Just on an aside - I saw your sidebar picture 'Crochet Naked', and my first thought was to wonder if I could sdapt it to 'Stitch Naked' - then I wondered what I would do with all the needles that I normally pin to my shirt.


have a great day!

Elaine said...

Looks like you did okay at the sales.. All that reading and only a dollar.. I have one of those Merlin games stored away in my attic..
Great finds ....have a good weekend.

Sailing Simply said...

Nice finds Charlotte! Your pajama's are such a pretty shade of pink. Great deal on the cookbooks, I even see a Paula Deen book in that stack. I love all those scarfs, (they could be napkins too ya know) and salmon pie dish and butterfly. You really did well this week!

Pat Harris said...

Oh, the Dinner Doctor cookbook is one of the best. She also wrote the Cake Doctor. Both wonderful books. I also loved the hankies. You did good, girl.