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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow,snow go away!!!

Brrr!! It's cold!!
Well, maybe not that cold, but it has been cold here today. They are calling for a winter storm to dump about 3-5 inches of snow starting tonight and through tomorrow. Ugh! Give me the beach and sun anyday!

I'd stay in front of the fireplace if I had one, but a space heater will have to do.

Almost finished with the afghan I have been working on... needs 12 more motifs and a border..

Justin and I got a Wii today as a combined Christmas present for both of us. Boy, it can really give you a workout!

Hope the snow goes somewhere else!! Happy next week!



bj said...

Oh, Charlotte, I love your pretty blog dress and your header is adorable. Love it.

Brrr, sounds like your space heater is going to working overtime. No snow out here in West Texas yet. Supposed to get really cold for a few days, tho.
Stay warm, sister friend.
xo bj

glor said...

Great pictures. The afghan is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful work.

Clara said...

Great photos and I love your afghan.
I'm keeping the Wii in mind. I heard it is fun and as you say, a good workout!