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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crocheted Mailbox

I found a site with some crazy pictures. Check some of them out at knithacker.com.

Yard sales got rained out this morning, but I was able to go to a church sale that was inside. I found the small mixer bowl that I needed for the mixer I bought last week, a spoon rest, a cookbook, crochet book, and some paper dolls. At another sale on the way home, I found a George Foreman skillet and the teacup and saucer..

Aren't these paper dolls delicious? The books are dated 1985, which seems not so long ago, but it was actually 25 years ago! Time Flies! Hope you have a great weekend.


LV said...

I love the first photos of your post. They are crazy. I think it might be a good idea to get a little crazy on these things at times. You did very well on the shopping spree.

glor said...

Goodness, your last post, thankfully your granddaughter is ok. How frightening for her. Those of some amazing crochet pieces, the mail box one is at least happy. It must bring smiles. Some great finds here too. I loved paper dolls. These are fantastic.

Julia Writer said...

I love the paper dolls book, the 50's were such a glamorous time in history!

pattas said...

Crazy crochet pics...
25 years ago for those lovely paper dolls,I remember as a child having something simular, lots of fun :))