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Friday, June 24, 2011

Home secure home!

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. A lot has been happening since then. We had a security system installed in our home Wednesday after the vandalism. But there was a small glitch because the alarm went off one night and the status told us a window was open. But it wasn't, so we had to call for service. Luckily, our system was still in 'test' mode, so the police weren't called. So now, we are more secure than we have ever been. We found out that a neighbor down the road had his pool vandalized 3 days after ours. Luckily, the police were able to get fingerprints at his home and are on the search for the 'little shit' that is causing all of this drama!
Hope everyone had a great Father's Day! I wish my dad was still alive. I miss him terribly! Janet had this picture made of her, Justin, Micki and Craig. I didn't know they had made this because I was still in the house cleaning the kitchen. :-(

Justin broke a couple of bones in his foot the other day when he stepped into a hole and twisted his foot. Luckily he was wearing his work boots and not tennis shoes or he could have possibly broken his ankle!
The yard sales suck so bad this year that I am going to have one myself this weekend. That's one way to get rid of some junk so I can find more at other people's yard sales! :-)

This is how Micki describes my driving...

I am always the last one to watch a great movie. I started reading the Twilight sagas and watched the first movie last weekend. I am almost finished with the third book and then I will watch New Moon and Eclipse. All I can say is "stupid, foolish little girl! He's a friggin' vampire!!" Just reading the books has given me the creeps! But they are hard to put down.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! The 4th is almost here! WooHoo!



All That Glitters said...

That picture of the car hitting the pole is hilarious! I hope you are doing well!

Faith said...

Love the yard sale picture...so vintage looking...you're all safe and snug now..hope they catch them..(stupid criminals ). Thanks for stopping over at my place..I hope the comment takes..have issues with so many blogs where I cannot comment...:(


Thanks so much for your visit and compliment.
I have always drawn portraits "for money"...and was hoping to get back into it soon.
When I'm ready I will set up a custom Etsy listing for drawn portraits. Hopefully if your interest in the matter holds 'till then, we can connect then!

Thanks for the encouragment in this department...I really need to get organized and back into the full swing of things with my art.

Ciao Bella!


mishebe said...

that is horrible about the vandelism. I justwantedto hank u for visiting my blog and no i am not an interior designer butthank u for the thought. I do LOVE to decorate though. mishelle