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Friday, August 5, 2011

Stop the music!!

I love a good song as well as the next guy but trying to act like I'm working while actually reading your blogs is hard to do when music starts up everytime I visit you! I have a radio playing in my office but it is so low you have to sit at my desk to hear it!
I enjoy the music you have but it is a little distratcting while I am reading your adventures. Don't be mad at me because I'm sure there is something on my blog you don't like.
Everybody has a right to add or subtract from their blog. I guess I'll have to turn my sound off while I am surfing the web working!


LV said...

I keep my sound off all the time. Only turn it on when there is a video I wish to view.

Cheryl said...

Keep my sounds off all the time also. But I can't read blogs at work. I work for a large hospital system they have all blogspots blocked.

Charlotte said...

Hi Charlotte. I'm always glad to find another Charlotte specially a blogging Charlotte. Love your header. One of my blogs is called Charlotte's Weblog. It's fun to take advantage of that Charlotte isn't it.