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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Can't roller-skate in a buffalo herd....

And you can't yard sale in wet grass!!

Maybe this would help!!

My feet are still cold!


Diann said...

I am hoping one day soon we will have a rain free day! Those big ball things look like so much fun!

Sandy said...

Some of us have too much rain and some of us are on Fire... it's just not fair.. I want to blow our weather across the Gulf to Texas... but?
Thanks for stopping by my blog today and your comment on the Bananas... they are very tropical and grow year round here in SoFla.. I have to cut down the babies every few months or they will take over..
The fruit is very good!

LV said...

No, that does not work for garage sales. I need to have one. When it it gets cooler. Too hot here for anything.

Lostinblue said...

Those balls look like great fun!


beberouge said...

Oh no I hate wet feet nothing worse xx Hope they're nice and toasty now.

Mindy said...

My little guy LOVES that song! Thanks for the smile. ;-)