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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What is that gunk?

I hope this doesn't turn your stomach, but you have got to see this! Today instead of a massage, I experienced an 'ear-coning' session. A cone is lit at one end and inserted into the ear canal. The smoke helps release the wax or yeast. This causes a vacuum that 'sucks' the wax into the cone.

This is not me! I wish I looked this good! 
Here is what this process removed from my ears....
Yuck! The top half is from my left ear and the bottom half is from the right ear. Those 'hunks' are ear wax! Hope this helps with the ringing! While this was being done, my therapist started telling me about the benefits of an Aqua Chi treatment. I have seen this done at shows, but have never had one. I can't explain this one except you place your feet in salt water and the thing you see with wires starts removing the negative ions. So after my ear coning, I had the Aqua Chi treatment. You would not believe the toxins that came out of my body! The first photo is after we first started and shows toxins from my bladder, kidneys, and liver...
 Ignore the cellulite!! :-) The next two photos is almost the end of the treatment. See the 'oil slick'? That is from inflammations!

After this sewer water was dumped, the ring around the tub showed that I live a healthy life. I hope you didn't lose your lunch, but I wanted everyone to see what I experienced today. I texted my husband with this picture and told him "No longer full of shit!"  :-)


Jenny Schouten Short said...

Wow, I want to do that. Where did you go? My spa doesn't do that treatment. xo Jenny

vikki said...

wow...I don't know about the ear thingy..I have had so many surgeries that I don't even let water get into my ears..so I am hesitant about that..but the oil slick thingy..I am game..I don't know if anybody around here does that or not..I will have to check into it. How do you feel? Notice any difference anywhere? Blessings