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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WTF is going on??

I am so ready to scream right now! We have been having to put up with this message from our satellite provider for a week now....
We have had technicians come out and basically replace everything, but it hasn't helped! Two technician managers are supposed to come out this afternoon. I hope they can get this fixed! This doesn't happen on all channels and after 5-20 minutes, the channel will come on. But I want to watch it when I switch!
Here is my latest project almost finished.....

No, it's not a new bra for Madonna! It's a crochet version of a dodecahedron (what the hell is that?). Pattern found here.
Justin has been working on adding a pantry in my laundry room. It used to be part of the back porch that was only used for storing garbage cans. Loving the black and white floor!

I plan to use it to store appliances not used regularly, paper towels, toilet paper, soft drinks, etc. I want to use a screen door as the door. After this is completed, we are going to paint the laundry room the same color and add the same flooring.
I was asked if I felt any different after the ear coning and Aqua Chi treatment. I think it is all in my mind, but just knowing all that gunk is no longer in my body, makes me feel better.

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Sandy said...

Don't you sometimes just HATE technology???? I hope they get it fixed... like yesterday!
I adore your room! I am partial to that floor, but I really like the bead board walls, and of course the color of the paint is one of my favs!!!! How cool to have a room like this! Lucky you!!!! You will have to show us the finished room when you get it together! :) Sandy

Beverooni said...

I love that floor too. Black and white is always so classy looking and it will be a great storage area.

I've thought about making of those pointy-things but was afraid it would drive me nuts. Can't wait to see yours finished. Come and watch cable with me.

Sara @ My Merry Messy Life said...

Wow, that is really unique! Having no TV can be a good thing, I guess :). Thank you for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day!