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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Moose and mud!

Rainy weekend here in SC! Pam and I went to only one yard sale Saturday morning. It was a church yard sale so we were in indoors. Unfortunately I didn't find too much, just a couple of bath mats, a shower curtain and a book.
After we got back home, Justin and I took the boys to Concord, NC to Bass Pro Shop. Guess what they were looking at?

 Then this is what they did after we came home......my poor washing machine!!

How's your weekend?



Vikki Hooks said...

Hi..cold and rainy here as of right now. Weatherman is confused so it could do anything today and tomorrow. Looks like they had a good time..I was thinking more of the muddy floors though!!

Shirley said...

Hi Charlotte, My grandsons like the Bass Pro Shop which we have one in KC. Of course, they have to check out the same type of toys as they call them. They aren't into the boats. If they were outside, they would be playing in the snow. They like the mud too. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers your Missouri Friend.