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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cleaning up

I have been wanting to clean up my mother's yard for a long time, but she wouldn't let me. You see, I like to 'whack' stuff down and I have been known to 'whack' down things that shouldn't be 'whacked' down. Like the time I thought I was removing honeysuckle from around Daddy's windmill, but it was actually yellow jasmine! Oops!
But Sunday, my son-in-law Rodney, my son Craig, and my grandson Gavin, started cleaning around the magnolia and oak tree. The limbs from both were too low and were smothering some of mother's other plants.
 I love this huge oak that mama and daddy planted years ago when it wasn't but about 6 inches tall.

 Janet took this "flattering" photo of me raking Mother's front yard.The grass will not grow under these huge oaks. My house is on the other side of the red building.
We plan on attacking more of the yard another day. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!


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Hindustanka said...

Good to see people at work ! I am sure you will make yard to look gorgeous very soon :)