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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday News

Lazy Saturday here, but I did find a few goodies at antique stores and yard sales Thursday and Friday. Pam and I went to Gastonia Thursday because she wanted to get some fabric to make a quilt for a friend. Why I didn't take any pictures of this huge store full of fabric, I don't know. This picture is from Mary Jo's blog...

We stopped at a couple of antique stores in Clover on the way home. I bought this funky finger.....
 ............Pam bought these rag dolls for me! What a great sister!
 Yesterday we went to a couple of yard sales and I found this dress for $10. It will be great for Ashton's wedding in April.
 I finished this Christmas tree skirt last night. It's a SmoothFox design.
 I can't just sit and watch TV unless my hands are busy, so I started this from the Crochet World October 2013 issue.
What are you doing this weekend?

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