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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Cool and windy but at least the sun is shining! Beautiful spring Sunday! I woke up late this morning (8 o'clock) and just lounging around. Drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Justin made breakfast for us, pancakes and eggs. I did some crocheting last night while watching "The Incredible Dr. Pol". I love watching this show. Dr. Pol has the best personality. Any hoo, this is what I accomplished............

This pattern is just a granny square but look what this blind nun did with hers....
You can find her pattern and others here.
Della and her mom and dad stopped by yesterday. Della is going to be the flower girl at my oldest granddaughter, Ashton's wedding in a couple of weeks. She let Janet try her dress on...isn't she precious?
She loves to play with phones and knows how to scroll and even zoom in! 

Kids nowadays are too damn smart! 
Wind is still blowing hard outside, so I guess I'm stuck here in this cozy recliner today and will just have to watch TV and crochet. Darn! :-)
Have a great Sunday



Gramma Rita said...

Hope you're enjoying your day of crochet! Della is an absolute doll! :)

Hindustanka said...

Modenr kids are very advance for their age, we cannot keep them away from all the technologies! Your Dells looks adorbale in that blue dress :)

I like your granny square blanket! I's sure it'll look stunning when you finish it Charlotte.
Have a nice day!