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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday news

Rainy, cold, nasty Saturday! A great day to do nothing but crochet and watch TV!
Ever feel like this? :-)
Pam and I did go to a church yard sale this morning before the rain started. I spent $2 !!
Another Stephen King book, a tumbler (with cap and straw), a trinket box, and a dog collar (not pictured).

Now that I finished my latest crochet project, I need to find something new to start. That's the hardest part of crocheting, isn't it?
Hope your weekend is warm and dry.


Gramma Rita said...

Love your cute trinket box! :) Rick and I went to town today, and I went to Good Will. Found a couple treasures there. :)

Linda Powell said...

I feel a bit like that today, I haven't even got dressed lol. A day to sit and finish my granny sqaure waistcoat and I'm almost done:-)
What next for me too ... some great finds at the yard sale for you Charlotte

Crochet with Linda Dawn xx