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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trophy wall

Justin picked up his and Gavin's deer heads yesterday. What beautiful trophies! This is Justin's 7-point. He is huge! Look at my little "moose head"! I would love to have a real moose head!
This is Justin's 6-point he shot with a crossbow. He looks like he's smiling!
 This is Gavin's 8-point. Right now he's in the "man cave", but we're thinking of bringing him to the living room. Jeff Hardy seems to approve!
This is a small 3-point Justin got last year. The bass are from years ago.
 Gavin's button-head is in the man cave along with some more dead fish.
 A deer hide hangs on the wall.......
 More dead fish............
 The trout was caught by Justin when he was working in Colorado years ago.
 He caught this alligator gar in Washington, NC when he was working on a SuperFund project for the government.

Years ago, when we remodeled, I gave Justin one wall to hang his dead animals. Now, that wall doesn't have any dead animals and they have crept into the rest of the house! He used to have some mounted ducks but I have no idea where they are now. At one time there was also a raccoon that Craig killed on the wall! That thing was creepy!


Vikki Hooks said...

Wow..that is alot of dead things hanging around. I grew up with hunters, two of my three daughters are married to hunters, and fishermen. My hubby is not. So no dead animals on my walls. Hey do you have a woman cave just to balance it all out? Hugs

Pammy Sue said...

That 7-pt is BIG and impressive! I laughed when it occurred to me the difference in what makes men happy and what makes women happy. We'd be happy to see a piece of crochet we made hanging on the wall!! Ha-ha. (At least I would!)

Gramma Rita said...

A deer head and some antlers on our wall, too. But they're in my bedroom. I took over our son's bedroom after he moved out, and his dad's critters stayed. I keep telling Rick he needs to put them in his bedroom. My son has some critters at his place, too. Bear, deer and I don't know what else. My dad had an antelope, antlers and fish on his walls.

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Very impressive! My brother in law hunts but not my husband so no dead things on the wall around here. My husband does fish but I don't think he's ever caught one big enough to mount.