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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday News

Pam and I went antiquing today at the antique store in Belmont,NC. We spent 4 hours just browsing. Look at this beautiful Tunisian afghan I found in a booth! The price tag was $100. Worth more than that! No, I didn't buy it!
 Some of the booths are so interesting.
 A steampunk lamp made with Mason jars and plumbing!
 Pam's late father-in-law raised tobacco and there are plenty of tobacco sticks in his barn. Great idea for Christmas!
 I would love to have this monkey chandelier, but $2750 was just a tad too much!
Maybe I could afford this one.....
 This is all I bought.....a Harley Davidson gas pump pitcher for $5. It has a 1990 date on the bottom.
 Across the street another antique store had a "close-out" sale. These two Disney characters are all I bought there for $1 each.
Look at these sweet babies! I used to sleep like that!
 Maxel is growing and looking more like Daddy everyday.
 Della is still her Mama's mini-me! That hair!
The boys are with their Mom and Dad tonight, so Justin and I are enjoying the peace and quiet. It's still cold and they're calling for rain next week. Can't wait for spring!


Gramma Rita said...

Looks like you had a fun day, even if you didn't find much to buy. That afghan is gorgeous! Just think of all the work put in it, and it's selling for only $100. Sheesh. I think I can see why you didn't buy the monkey! lol ;) Della and Maxel are as cute as ever!

Maggie said...

Fun shopping! I love browsing antiques! Aw those little ones....sleeping so soundly. X

Faith said...

I didn't have as much as thought, but will still be able to begin another poncho, and pair it up. I love looking and shopping for yarn. Even if it is window shopping ( sometimes ) but more often I'll come home with some. The babies are beautiful.