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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday News

Rainy and cold started the day, but the sun came out and warmed it up just a little. I can't wait till yard sales start! I had to go to town so I stopped by the local thrift store. Didn't find anything for me but the grandkids scored! Ten dollars for all! A couple of fresh batteries and they worked!

 Crazy Uno! He is on a running chain and wants off to knock me down! He's still just a big puppy but he's strong!
 Justin started working on making a larger lot for him so he wouldn't have to be chained. He's going to add wire fencing to the rails.

I ask him everyday if he's got my bench put together. He told me the other day he had worked on it, so I checked. Nothing! He laughed and said he had worked on it because he moved the box from one spot to another! Really? Oh well, maybe I'll get it before long.
Still crocheting on the gift.
There's going to be a show about the 2014 Longest Yard Sale tonight. Maybe Pam and I will be on it! Have a great week!

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