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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crochet and boats??

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!
I can't wait to try these out! I've had to put the graphghan aside for a while because I was asked to make something for my sister-in-law. It's made with size 10 thread and after working with yarn for so long, it's sort of tedious. But it's coming along. Can't tell you what it is because it's a gift.
Remember the iron bench that I bought before Christmas? You know, the $149 one that I found for 90% off making it $14.99? Well, it seems Justin has! I ask him almost everyday to put it together but he has another project on his mind! This............
He sold his bass boat and bought this pontoon. Everyday he's out there doing something! I'm not begrudging him having a new toy, but I just want my bench!
Men! Can't live with them, can't live without them!


Vikki Hooks said...

I really the the graph afghans..but seems I already have alot of things on my hook..besides the graph afghan thing kind of scares me..not sure I would know how to do it..love them ..

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Looks great so far :-) Have fun knitting. My husband would choose a boat over a bench any day. Boys and their toys!

Gramma Rita said...

Have fun with your circular crochet hook! :) Maybe Justin will surprise you when you least expect it. Maybe... lol ;)