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Monday, February 9, 2015

My loves

Seems like this flu bug just doesn't want to leave! I'm feeling better but still not 100% yet. Gavin had the flu last week and now this morning, it looks like it's got Kayla again! Because of the sickness, I haven't seen Della and Maxel in a couple of weeks. So I thought I would update my grandchildren's photos.
Ashton (22) is 33 weeks pregnant with my first great-grandson! She's so cute and ready to be a mama!
 Kayla (17) is still a little diva!
 Gavin (16) is growing up and no longer "our little baby"!
 Sloan (12) is growing up too. He's almost 13 but acts 30!
 Della (2) keeps us laughing! She got into her mama's makeup!
 I know you're laughing out loud because I did when I saw this!
 Maxel (5 months) is just a baby-doll!
 Isn't this the sweetest thing you've ever seen? Sister-brother love!
 Justin has been working on a covered deck this weekend. We are going to use this for our cookouts.
 The majority of lumber came from a deck that was torn down at a pool customer's home. One of the benefits of being a pool installer!
 I've hit the halfway mark on West's afghan. Looking good!
Hope this flu bug goes away soon. I'm tired of feeling yucky!


Lisa Queen said...

I can't believe everybody is so grown up! A great grandchild! how precious is that.

Gramma Rita said...

Hope that flu bug leaves you alone for good...and soon! Enjoyed seeing the pics of your grandchildren. It won't be long until the great-grandbaby is here....how exciting! :D Great job on the afghan, as always. :)