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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday News

Happy Valentines Day! Justin and I have been married so long that we just wish each other a Happy Valentines Day without having to buy candy, flowers, etc. But I do try to get him a card. I found the perfect one this year.

He said I hit the nail on the head with this one! Love that man!
I went to Hobby Lobby to get some yarn for my next project in case we get some winter mix this weekend. Here's what I want to work on next.........
Pattern here.  There's also a red one......
 It calls for sport weight yarn and I found all of the colors but the grays in sport weight. So I found these in a worsted weight that I think will work.

 I then checked the local Books a Million and found issue 26 of Simply Crochet magazine. I haven't opened it yet, but I'm sure there's going to be some great patterns.
I've got about 20 more rows to complete West's afghan and then I'm going to start my parrot. If all works well, I'll make Pam one too.
I started a Facebook page to promote my crochet projects. I have tried Etsy with only one sale and thought maybe I could reach more people with Facebook. Please visit my page at Charlotte's Crochet.
Look what Justin just brought home for FREE!!!!

This is the sexiest boat I've seen in a long time. He's going to get it cleaned up and legal before selling. But first we're going to give it a try. Another perk of his job. Love it!
Weather is supposed to be cold this week so stay warm!



Vikki Hooks said...

Good luck with the facebook thing..let me know how that works for you...rich and I don't really buy candy or flowers for valentine's day..but man we celebrate the day after with the clearance candy..

Pammy Sue said...

That parrot is CUTE! Somebody did a great job with that pattern. Good luck with yours. Can't wait to see it. Sounds like you are feeling much better, and that's good to hear.