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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy 75th!

My sister, Pam, surprised her husband, Ed, with a birthday party yesterday. His birthday is actually March 18th and he'll be 75! (Yes, she was a baby when they married!)

 Family and friends .................

 Vivien helps Papaw blow out the candles.

 That's my "little" brother (beige shirt, yellow hat)......
We all had a great time. Janet and Rodney were a little nervous because their first grandchild wanted to be born and sent Ashton to the hospital. But it was a false alarm for the second time and she was sent home. Third time's the charm!
Justin and Sloan got back home from West Virginia yesterday but not in time for the party. Happy Birthday,Ed!

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Vikki Hooks said...

What a wonderful time....thanks for sharing.