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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday news

It's hot!!! 100 degrees in some places!! And it's only June!! We got a little rain last night to cool us off a little. Janet and I went yard saling this morning. Plenty of sales but not much merchandise!
 The first thing I bought was a dog crate for Micki's dog. It had a bed also but it was in the wash when this picture was taken. $35.
This is her dog, Django.
A  vintage wooden spoon and fork for $2......
 These are used to store cans (food or soft drink) $2....
 A parrot 50 cents and a wooden swan $3....
 A table and chair set for Della $3...
At one yard sale we had to walk down a tree lined driveway to the house. Along the driveway was this huge oak leaf hydrangea bush. It was beautiful. (this is not the original bush but a googled image)
 Janet pulled me up a sprout. I hope it lives!

We got back into the car at a yard sale and the car wouldn't start! I mean, D.E.A.D.! Nothing! Oh shit! And it's hot!! It eventually cranked and we headed home. We cut the air conditioning off, rolled all four windows down, and prayed we'd make it to the auto parts store. The young man there checked the alternator and the battery. It was the battery!
Thank God this didn't happen next weekend on our trip to West Virginia!


Debi Y. said...

Nice stuff. The table and chairs for Della is really cute. :)

Kate said...

Great finds, Charlotte. Good luck with your hydrangea. I'm sorry about your battery but I'm glad you got it fixed before your trip.