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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday News

I went thrifting this morning by myself . Pam is at her mountain cabin and her hubby is taking her to Tennessee to shop for her birthday. She turns 60 tomorrow!
I went to Lake Wylie to a church's annual attic sale. Wish I had gotten there sooner!

I did find a few goodies! $5 for all!

 Justin laughed at this and said, "You didn't actually pay money for this, did you? I can get you this in the woods!" Why, yes I did and why haven't you gotten me one before now?
One of these Shoney Big Boy glasses is for Pam.

Stamp on bottom of toothpick dispenser...
 After I cleaned the toothpick dispenser.....
That's all of the goodies I found even though I stopped at Goodwill, Michael's, yard sales, Habitat for Humanity Restore, and a thrift store. The thrift store has been one I have wanted to visit for a while but just never have. There are two stone lions at the entrance that I would love to have.
I was totally surprised to see beautiful furniture for sale! Sofas, entertainment centers, beds, etc. These king size beds caught my eye....

 This one is my favorite and would you believe Justin likes it too? They have layaway!!
That's all for now. Have a great weekend!



Kate said...

Great finds, Charlotte! I love church thrift sales. That bed is really nice; I hope you get it!

Gramma Rita said...

Such fun finds, Charlotte! Love those drinking glasses, and wow, did that toothpick dispenser ever clean up nice! That bed is gorgeous!