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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Saturday news

Not much to post about this week! The boys were with their mom and dad for four days, Justin worked a few hours Saturday, and I went to a few yard sales around town by myself. I went to the local thrift stores Friday and found a few treasures.
This sugar and creamer set is the Golden Wheat pattern from the 60's. I have a complete dinnerware set and this will go nicely with it. This should have been priced as a set, but they had them marked separately. $3 for sugar bowl and $2 for the creamer, which was a fair price for both.
 A Hardee's coffee mug for 50 cents and tart tins for 50 cents each set. I'm going to attempt make pincushions with these using vintage linens or handkerchiefs. Might be a Pinterest "nailed it" project!
 The ceramic boxer was high priced at $2 but I wanted him. The deer glass was $1. Both of these were bought with Gavin in mind. He wants a boxer but this is as close as he's going to get!
 Yard sales Saturday found a few treasures also. I got this see-saw for $10.
 Kayla's baby theme is elephants, so this little guy jumped into my car for 50 cents. Threw him in the washer and dryer and he looks good as new.
 A vintage grease pot for $1.

 Miscellaneous toys for $1. Jimmy Neutron, Peter Pan, Ned Flanders (Simpson's), a horse, and one of the characters from "Ed, Ed, and Eddie" cartoon. I think his name is Ed!
 This guy is from some movie but not sure which one. He was included in the toy purchase and is the reason I even looked through the toys.

I finished the crochet blanket for Kayla but I'm not going to post any pictures because her mom said she might see it. Trust me, it is so cute! Kayla also asked me to make her a photo prop set. She wanted a bow tie and suspenders set, so I found a free pattern and made it last night. It even has a newsboy hat. I'll post pictures of it when we have her baby shower.
I started another graphghan last night for my sister-in-law. She has asked for a Green Bay Packers afghan and I found an easy one to make. Lots of green and gold!
Sloan gets his braces Tuesday and school starts Wednesday! WooHoo!



Debi Y. said...

Nice stuff. I think that guy is in some Canadian spoof type movie - something about beer maybe. I'm not sure.

Jenn M said...

The figure is either Bob or Doug Mackenzie; part of a Canadian comedy routine. Around Christmas you might hear the song on the radio about the twelve days of Christmas where each day they get beer.
Love your fun finds!

Gramma Rita said...

Oh, I love the wheat pieces. My grandmother used to have some of the wheat things. I'm thinking mostly plates, but I'm not 100% sure at this point in time. lol That was nice of you to get your grandson the Boxer. My son's mother-in-law has three Boxers! Looking forward to seeing your crocheted items when you're able to share them. :)