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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday News

Slept in this morning! I took my time getting breakfast, getting my clothes on, making bed, folding laundry. I didn't go to town until almost 11 and only stopped at one yard sale. But what a great sale it was! They were selling "grandma's" things and had decent prices.
I only spent $6 but I think I got some good deals.
 I have one of these 'bags' that I bought years ago in Tennessee for $10. This one was 75 cents!
 I don't know if these are handkerchiefs or dresser scarfs because of their strange shapes. 25 and 10 cents!

 A Tupperware deviled egg carrier $1.
 Two cupcake tins, a "star" colander, and flour sifter. 25 cents each!
 There is still flour on the sifter!
 Several dish-rags and drying towel.
 Rick-rack, buttons, needles, miniature clothespins, sweaters, and birdcages.
 The sweaters are knitted.
 There are little birds inside!

 Out of all of the kitchen utensils, this is the only one I got.
 Two hymnals. I saw a project using the pages as decoupage.
 This is the date on the oldest one...1927.
I took the boys shopping yesterday for school clothes. Both got new bookbags, Gavin got new sneakers and Sloan got new "redneck" boots. I couldn't get Sloan to get any new clothes but Gavin managed to find some new jeans and shirts.
Since Justin is putting a pool in so close to our home, he had the excess dirt brought to our backyard. We have worked over the years to level the backyard and this extra dirt will help.

 Justin was almost through grading when a thunderstorm came through!

The wind was so strong it blew the pool umbrella and table over, shattering the glass tabletop!

Thankfully, only a few pieces fell into the pool!
Deer season is getting closer!

Weather has "cooled" off from 100 to 88! So much better!
Today is Della's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday little diva!



Gramma Rita said...

Happy 3rd birthday to Miss Della! Oh my goodness, I love those little bird cages you got today. :D Glad not much of that glass ended up in the pool. That would not have been good. Great finds, as always! :)

Shirley said...

Hi Charlotte, Where has the summer gone? Happy Birthday to Miss Della. She is such a cutie. I have been trying to catch up with friends this evening before I call it a day. The horse show got rained out again. I don't know if we will ever get them in. I enjoyed reading your blog and catching up with you. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley