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Saturday, August 22, 2015


 Today is the annual Summerfest in downtown York. I'm staying home! Years ago, I would have been one of the first to attend because there used to be loads of craft vendors. Now, there is just food vendors and kids activities. The only thing worth going for is the car show. There is an antique show at a local church but even it wasn't that great. They normally charge $3 just to look but this year it was free. Sorry York, you disappointed me.
We had a new heat pump/ac unit installed this summer. It is a gas heat pump so that entailed connecting to the gas line on the other side of the road.

Remember these from a earlier yard sale?
 I dry-brushed them with a pale pink, antique white, and pale teal acrylic paint.

I did stop at a couple of yard sales this morning and found these beanie babies for $1 each. The dogs are for Pam's granddaughter, Vivien. She probably has some of them but if she doesn't want them, I'll keep them.
 The bear and bird are mine.
 The bear is for Pam's cabin.
 I couldn't pass up this large amount of colored pencils for $1. I've been thinking of investing in an adult coloring book. Have you seen these at Hobby Lobby? Beautiful picture to color.
Look what was on the front porch when I came home from town!
I picked him up and he hissed at me. I put him in the yard and when I checked later, he was gone. I think he went under the deck around the pool.
Don't know what I'll do the rest of the weekend but it won't be too strenuous! Have a great weekend!


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