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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elephants and kids

I babysat my youngest grandbabies yesterday. Sweet Della and Maxel. Even though Maxel wasn't feeling well, he was a great baby to tend to (just like his daddy).

 Selfie with Grandma.
 "Miss Thang" enjoying her M&M's and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
 Sweet little man went to sleep by himself. No rocking!
 Della finally dozed off with her thumb in her mouth.
 I completed an elephant rug for Kayla's baby. This was made using three strands of yarn, so you know my fingers were tired!

I'm supposed to keep Della and Maxel tomorrow and Friday. Hope we watch something besides Frozen!


Gramma Rita said...

Such cuties! Sorry the baby was sick...hope he's feeling better! How sweet are those sleeping pics?! :) Love the elephant...great job as always!! :)

Pammy Sue said...

Sweet, beautiful grandbabies, Charlotte! You are a lucky girl.

Faith said...

The elephant rug is adorable, I'm rather fond of the "finkies" myself especially the small ones. Grandkids are getting so big, and are so cute.

Kate said...

Aww, they're so sweet, and growing up so fast! I hope Maxel is feeling better. My Alex is a thumb sucker, too. Love the elephant rug :-) Oh, boy, I know all the songs to Frozen! I hope you get to watch something else, too.