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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday News!

Pam and I went to the 43 Mile Big Grab Yard Sale in Winnsboro, Blythewood, and Ridgeway,SC today. What a great time!
 This junkyard had the most fascinating junked cars......
 ....along with other junk!
 I didn't get that much, but the fun was in the hunting! I found these child-size cowboy boots for $2. They will either go to Xander or Maxel or Joshua.
 This is the cutest figurine. A rat looking into a mirror with a Campbell soup can and a Coca Cola bottle among the trash. $5

Woody, Bulleye, and Buzz Lightyear $2
 Anacin tin ..
 Cast iron thingy. I thought it was a bank but Justin said it wasn't. $1. There's a bear inside the tree.
 Dunkin Donut coffee cup 50 cents....Fox and Hound DVD $2....
 Family Circus ceramic figurine $4...

 Hats for Gavin and Sloan....
 Dress form $5. Justin wants to use it as a shooting target!
Justin gave me a big scare the other night. He had been complaining about not feeling good for about a week. He had been to the doctor but still wasn't feeling right, so he went to the ER Wednesday night. His blood pressure was high and after tests it was determined his potassium and electrolytes were low and he had a mild stroke last week. Not only did it scare me, but it scared him. He's slowly getting better.
I kept Maxel and Della Thursday and Friday. I couldn't have asked for better kids! I'm tired of watching Mickey Mouse and other Disney movies!

 Della would not take a nap for me Thursday. Craig sent me this picture! He said he didn't get two mile down the road before she was gone!
Next week I'm going with Pam to her cabin. There is going to be an antique fair in West Jefferson, NC and we are going to be there!


Gramma Rita said...

Yikes...I'm sure that was quite the scare for you and Justin! Hope no more of that nonsense happens!! Della and Maxel are cute as ever, and are growing so fast!

Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Charlotte...hope hubby is doing better...wow your grandkids are growing like weeds. Looks like you had a good time..would love to hit the antiques with you...enjoy it for me..