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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday news

I finished painting our bedroom yesterday and I love it! I have curtains to make and will probably do that this week. The color is HGTV's Sherwin Williams Dishy Coral.

 See my little "crochet corner"?
I also decorated the front porch.....

 The lighthouse is actually a small lamp. I have it on a timer to come on each night.

Pam and I along with our friend, Darlene, went to the antique store in Belmont, NC this morning. I didn't get that much but had a great time just browsing. I did get this license tag just because it had my name on it.
 This little man was only a dollar....

 Couldn't pass up this mannequin hand to add to my collection....

 Looks sorta creepy, doesn't it?
I also took some pictures for inspiration......love these walls!

Look at the price on the same Mr.Peanut cookie jar that I found last week for $17.50!
The next picture is circulating on Facebook because of the Guyan Valley Wildcat jacket. This is the high school in West Virginia that Justin and his brothers and sisters went to! This picture was from Barney's of New York. It was told that this jacket was found in a warehouse and is embroidered with the name "Kathy" and "1982'.
Isn't that the craziest thing? Who would have thought that a small town high school jacket would make it to New York?

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moreofhim said...

Your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! So peaceful! I love that color you painted your walls. I'm wanting to paint our bedroom in a color like that and I'm thinking that may be my choice. Thank you for sharing the color name. I'm going to write it down as it's the prettiest color I've seen so far. I love your crochet corner. I need to set up an area like that. I have things here and there and it would be nice to just have a little corner where I crochet.

Blessings - Julie