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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Saturday News

Not much to post about for this Saturday! Rainy and muggy! Pam and I went shopping at Target, Goodwill, and Black Lion. All the Christmas decorations made us want to go home and get our Christmas trees out! But I think we're going to wait a week or two.
Kayla is having contractions but not enough to keep her in the hospital. The apple doesn't fall until it's ripe! Or at least that's what my mama always said!
The babies (Della and Maxel) are on the way to Disney World! Such lucky kids! I have always wanted to go to Disney World. Craig went with the high school band when he was in school.
Holly sent me this picture when they started out yesterday morning. See the phone in Della's lap? She plays with my phones whenever she visits and I let her take this one home with her. She told me she was taking it with her to Disney World!
Their first stop was at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah, Lady and Sons.
 They stopped for the night at this hotel......
....and enjoyed the beach! Jealous!!

They started for Orlando this morning.

Can't wait to receive more pictures from Disney World!
I finished Gavin's afghan Friday night....

 I made a few Santa's. These are simple to make and take no time at all.
Pattern found here.
Another rainy, cold weekend. Think I'll just rest and crochet. Sounds like a good plan!


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Gramma Rita said...

Hope the kiddos have fun on the Disney trip! :) My daughter's family went almost two years ago, and although they loved Disney, they did not love the stomach bug they picked up while there. They were sick a big part of their trip. That sucked for them. :p Thanks for the Santa pattern link. I might have to make a few of those up today. :)